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Soldiers completely changed my life. The weekly emails and quotes, just the overall culture changed my life principles. Completely changed my life and I'm so glad it happened early. Much bigger than basketball.

2020 Anonymous High School Player

I must say, i have participated, coordinated, administrated and viewed clinics and camps from early ages to High School, college and Pro camps, and i was truly amazed at the discipline, efficiency and expectation of each participant, both campers and coaches. I will recommend your Program to any that ask, and I get a lot of inquiries.

Great work Coach!

Former College/Pro Coach

I appreciated that Derek allowed my son and I to watch one of the clinics a couple Wednesdays ago. Could you relay to him how grateful I am to see a coach create a culture of encouragement, respect, and learning. I was really impressed with the way he challenged the players to try new things and then reteach/show them if they weren’t doing it correctly, all in an encouraging way. The players all seem to respect him as a coach/authority and it’s great that he can do all the moves he is teaching. Boys seem to respond so well to that! This convinced me to sign up for the point guard camp in August for my son, and if we can make it work financially, the elite moves camp as well.


I received tons of positive feedbacks from other parents who shared the excitement with their children. All were very impressed by the professionalism, the efficiency, and the energy that’s on display during those two days.

Many times, parents would drop off their kids only to come back and pick them up hours later, but with Soldiers training, it’s different. We are happy to hang around as it’s such a joy to watch the coaches and kids in action. The fast pace and intense program content make the trainings incredible.

To me, discipline and focus that your program offers are the two other things that I really appreciate. The trainings at Soldiers allow the kids to learn those two valuable skill that you don’t often see at other programs.


We are thankful for being part of the Soldiers family. #!*# is so happy and comfortable at Soldiers. He has indeed improved a lot. You have the basketball knowledge no doubt. The great thing is you know how to share it with the kids in building blocks fashion. For me it's not just about learning the game but building good character, personality, and work ethics in addition to learning about the game. You have all that at Soldiers.


My son loved basketball but he was not making his shots when he was in third grade. We had one session with Soldiers basketball at City Beach in Santa Clara. And he made a huge improvement. His shots go in now, he uses moves I never thought were possible on the court. Last weekend he scored 32 points in his AAU game. My son is In 5th grade now and he plays on a Level 1 team. The skills he Learns at Soldiers are what has made the difference for him. We owe all of this to Soldiers basketball. Coach Brazelton and Coach Jesse are awesome and my son gains so much basketball knowledge in a short amount of time. People approach me at games now and tell me how well my son is Playing.

Thank you Soldiers!


If you want a great program where your kids get pushed positively - come here!

Coach Braz runs a great program here and he instills the kids with energy and a sense of respect for coaches, the game and everyone around them. The boot camps he has helped my kid improve and I can't wait to put him back into more camps and possibly 1 on 1 sessions. The one thing I love about Coach braz is his passion to make the kids better and to teach them the game. His experience shines through along with his professionalism. I'd recommend him to any inspiring ballers.


Hello Mr. Chris,
First of all, I would like to thank you very much for recommending coach Jesse Estrada for the private lessons for my children. He is amazing and the best basketball coach I have seen so far. I am regretting that I couldn't find him beginning of the summer holidays. I have sent my kids to well known basket ball camps here in Cupertino but whatever they learnt there in two weeks, Coach Jesse taught them in one hour in a structured manner and I was amazed to see their progress in few months.


Coach Braz and his team are amazing. My son has taken private lessons and attended multiple training camps with Coach Braz. Coach Braz has even helped me with skill development for my NJB team. What I appreciate most is the time coach Braz takes to make sure the kids are developing great skills that enable them to be successful on and off the court.


My son absolutely loved the shooting clinic. Coach Chris and Coach Foster are excellent coaches/mentors. My son's confidence and skills has greatly improved because of these clinics. You guys are awesome!


My daughter loved your workshop! What a great staff! The energy level and passion was so amazing. Thank you!!


I signed up my son for a boot camp on February based on a recommendation of a friend...and after seeing the results, promptly signed up for all boot camps and also the summer camp.

Here are my observations.
First, Coach Braz and his team runs a right ship. He is adept at getting kids to focus. He is very disciplined and enforces kids to do be disciplined too. As a result, my son who usually gets distracted is extremely focused throughout the 1 hour sessions. This is remarkable.

Second, coach Braz doesn't just talk basketball. He plays hard and probably harder than any kid and shows them how to do things. I guess this may be a reason why kids take him seriously.

Third, the boot camps were very well run. Both coach Braz and coach Carl know exactly what they expect the kids to learn from a particular drill and make sure to explain to kids what went wrong when they don't do things right. Also, kids are made to work so hard that by the end of the hour they are wiped out! I can see a significant improvement in my son's endurance levels in the past few months.

Lastly, my son loves the boot camps because he sees a clear improvement in his game. I think he is beginning to "get" basketball. He no longer enamored with scoring but is more focused on improving all aspects of his game. All in all, it must be obvious by now, that I can't recommend Soldiers strongly enough!


This wonderful program totally changed how my son plays basketball! Coaches are so dedicated and passionate to teach the kids. My son loves the program and he wants to attend every practice. Each class, ball handling, shooting, and boot camp, help him improve from an aspect. After several weeks of training, my son's skills greatly improved because of these training! We highly appreciated this great program.

2022 junior player